Kašperské Hory

Historicf Town Zone, originaly 13rd century settlement close to where gold was found. After purchasing castle Kašperk the inhabitants of the town changed its original name Rejnštejnské Hoty to Kašperské Hory. The Gothic castle Kašpwrk was founded on the hill above the town by Charles IV after the mid- 14th century in order to defend the gold mines and provincial borders. The castle fell into a state of decay in the 17th century, when the inhabitans of Kašperské Hory plundered and deserted the castle complex. From 1584 royal town, through which the Golden Route passed. Mining of gold was limited at the end of 16th century and came to a complete stop in 1777. Nowadays exploration and efforts to renew gold minming. Most of the buildings date from the time, when the town flourished. Apart from two sacral buildings of Gothic origin, the Town-hall, originaly Renaissance, but restayled in the Baroque in the 18th century, is a valuable architectonic monument. Šumava Museum opened in the season.
Church of St. MarketaChurch of St. Marketa
Church of St. Markéta
Kašperské Hory - town hallKašperské Hory - town hall
Town hall
Archaeological area in Kašperské HoryArchaeological area in Kašperské Hory
Archaeological area
Kašperské HoryKašperské Hory
Kašperské Hory in winterKašperské Hory in winter
Sight of town in Winter
Church in Kašperské HoryChurch in Kašperské Hory
Tower of church
Castle in Kašperské HoryCastle in Kašperské Hory
Tower of castle Kašperk
Castle KašperkCastle Kašperk
Sight of castle Kašperk
Court of castle KašperkCourt of castle Kašperk
Court of castle Kašperk